Shanaya Taneja

These days when anything erotic becomes strictly under wraps, Shanaya Taneja has written The Naughty Proposal to bring out the essence of a woman’s desires.

Been a part of the corporate world for the last five years, she finds the sensuality of a lady extremely influential and feels that it is high time we stopped considering it as a matter of secrecy or shame. A woman’s desire is an identity that often gets digressed with cheap gimmicks. Shuffling between Delhi and Mumbai for corporate shoots and business meetings, she has been keenly observing the societal restraints and how people end up in breaking all boundaries to explore their physical and emotional cravings.

In the first book of the Dark temptation series- The Naughty Proposal, sex is an inherent part of the story, character, and relationship development. Most of the erotic romance novels have romance as the main focus of the plot line, and they are characterized by strong, often explicit, sexual content. Shanaya manages to keep you hooked and that too in a delicate and receptive manner.

"Words are wonderful stimulants. With words you can feel the pleasure and sensual delight in your heart and mind. It is important to use the words carefully to maintain the intense yet subtle description of passion, love-making and emotions", says Shanaya, who works in a Delhi based advertising agency.

The story written by Shanay Taneja is filled with desires of love and seduction. A strong headed independent girl herself feels that people who are involved in the corporate lifestyle of the metros find themselves involved in sexual relationships for different reasons. In the end, the shackles of the society spare none.