Naam: Inspector Abhay Pandey, Uttar Pradesh Police, sheher Allahabad. If you read newspapers, naam toh suna hee hoga.

Kaam: Maintaining public order, ordering the hawaldars, patrolling in my jeep and giving rides to women in need.

Shauk: Haseeno ko bachaana, gundon aur politicians ki bajaana. Fir chhamiya party mein nachna-gana.

I like murder investigations the way I like my women – mysterious, complicated, and with a (killer) body.

A threat: Naina Sinha received a threatening phone call, followed by an attempt to kill her. We found Naina with a blood-stained knife at her house. Has she killed someone?

A murder: An unidentified body is found in the public toilet with Naina’s photograph and a huge sum of money. Was he out to kill her?

A secret: There is a dark secret from her past that Naina is unable to remember. Does the secret hold the key to solving the case?

As new secrets are unravelled, I begin to realize that everybody from her past has something to hide. This is much more than a simple murder case.
Come, let’s find the Killer in the Shadows!


  • Name: Amit Nangia
  • Email: amit@quickies.co.in
  • About Author: Amit Nangia has been working in a brand marketing team in a leading MNC for over ten years. He is a traveller by passion and a writer by choice. Climbing rocks, gliding in parachutes, bungee jumping or making cocktails; nothing could elevate his spirits as much as writing did. Read more...

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