Amit Nangia

In the world you meet, talk to and read about dozens of people sharing the same interest for writing and, in a lot of cases their adventuring dreams end up in muddle, overshadowed by daily life issues. Surely you’ve seen this happen to someone you know. Some friend loving the guitar strings is now busy in tapping the computer keys at his office cubicle. Most people are stuck in the corporate rat race that they leave behind their aspirations. It’s not a small deed to leave everything behind and follow the writer within. Only few have the courage to take on this challenge to follow their passion.

Amit Nangia, who has been working in a brand marketing team in a leading MNC for over10 years, is a traveler by passion and a writer by choice and explores the hidden shades of life through his writing. Climbing the rocks, gliding in a parachute, bungee jumping or making cocktails; nothing could elevate his spirits as much as writing did. He wrote his first fairy tale at the age of seven. He completed his first book in 2011. After facing numerous rejections for three years, he was left disheartened. It was when one of his friends inspired him to write for a Pan India Short Story Competition at writersmelon.com which he eventually won, Amit decided to continue his love for writing.

His first book ‘Killer in the Shadows!’ is a crime fiction which is a perfect mix of all the emotions be it witty, action, romance or suspense. The protagonist of the book ‘Daring Daroga’, as the name suggests is an audacious cop who follows no protocol in life but makes sure that the criminal is sent to his right place. A nerve-wrecking and incomprehensible mystery unfolding through a series of twists and turns, the book is going to hold your interest till the end.

"These days when we are multitasking and doing so many things at the same time like facebook, whatsapp, dinner, tv ...In the midst of all this, taking out time to read a thick novel is really difficult. Keeping this in mind I have written a crisp novel which can be consumed in a travel journey or over a weekend. We don’t have even time to eat our three time meals, which is why everyone is going for short novels. You can experience the same emotions of reading and enjoy the zest of the writing and that too without having to read the long gone extended novels. Despite so many competitive opportunities, there’s a chance people will forget about your book quickly but great content remain for ages", says the author.