About Quickies

From Test Matches to Twenty20 cricket, from bulky desktops to slim tablets, from letters to sms... when everything around the world is going compact and trendy, why not books?

Quickies is that short trip to Goa with your best buddies which makes you high even before it begins.
Quickies is the sudden punch in the gut that gives you the pleasure of the rum before biting into the chocolate.
Quickies is the love between the partners who break up even before the hickeys get noticed.

In short, if you have to wait for your lover, have a short journey to cover, a bus/ Metro ride back home, or even a lot of time sitting on the commode seat in the morning, Quickies is just for you!

Easy to carry, easy to read, it will fit into your pocket (and your wallet), and still promise an overdose of adventure. The power of a punch, a shot of liquor, the heat of seduction and the thrill of a con – Quickies is a lot of things rolled up into one small, seductive package.

Statutory warning: Quickies books are only for those who have no time or patience for bullshit, who want to learn and feel more in less time.

Quickies are the books for the future. Fiction re-defined.

After taking the world of commercial fiction by storm by making pacy books available at affordable prices across even the smallest of stores across the country, Srishti Publishers & Distributors are back with a bang! Quickies is intended as a series of books that help you unwind, enjoy, laugh out loud, feel pleasure, and dream – all in a concentrated shot! A yet another “first” in the world of publishing, Quickies are books for the future. Quickies are fiction re-defined.